Fully overloaded. For an underloaded price.

Fully overloaded. For an underloaded price.
Stylish, spacious, and loaded with features. If “having your cake and eating it too” were a versatile hatchback, it would be the Baleno. “Surely,” you think. “Nothing with that price tag can be this perfect.” And you’re right. Our mistake when crafting the Baleno, was not making it cost more.

It Looks Like It Should Be Expensive But Isn’t For Some Reason

Prepare for your friends to think you paid waaaay more for your car than you did. The Baleno’s design is inspired by Suzuki’s ‘Liquid Flow’ design philosophy—which causes things to look very expensive. But it isn’t, for some reason. Unfortunately, no one will ever believe you.

Made for You to Enjoy

The Baleno was meticulously engineered for maximum efficiency and comfort. People say that a lot, but we mean it. Straight up: there were some late nights and some missed events.

No, the Baleno’s advanced suite of features and comfy seats didn’t just happen; they were made for you to enjoy.

Better Cost Per m2 Than Some Houses

“It has 355 litres of luggage space,” we tried to explain to our bosses. “It would be financially irresponsible for us to charge so little for the new Baleno.” But they didn’t listen. They just calmly said, “why charge more for empty space?”

It’s actually a really good point.

Added safety for your everyday

Drive from one exciting moment to another, knowing that you are well protected. The Baleno is equipped with advanced safety features such as occupant-protective airbags and anti-lock braking systems to enhance your daily peace of mind.

Baleno Model Variants