Nobody but Jimny

Nobody but Jimny

“Make the coolest car you possibly can.”

Seriously, that’s what our bosses told us to do and we went all out. A rugged yet lightweight 4x4 off-roader that’s built like a tank and looks like something a Viking would drive—we call it the Jimny. Why? We’ll get to that.

Vikings Would Drive the Jimny

Outside is hectic. Luckily, the Jimny was built to withstand nature’s cruellest whims. With a powerful 1.5L engine and advanced 4WD technology, the world is your road and the light is always green (except when it isn’t, obviously). Because nothing is cooler than freedom and the Jimny comes fully-loaded.

The Jimny’s Up for It. Are You?

The Jimny cares about one thing: doing cool stuff. And it would be cool if you came along for the ride, too. Because with its no-flex chassis and high ground clearance, driving the Jimny feels like you’re a Viking laying siege to life. And that sounds cool to us.

Great indoors to tackle the great outdoors

Many people often think “rugged” and “uncomfortable” are the same thing. Those people are idiots. Have they even stood on a rug? Its comfy as.

Safeguarding your adventures

Safety is a priority whether you’re trekking through the wilderness or commuting in the city. The Jimny offers the protection of 6 SRS airbags and the added confidence of Electronic Stability Programme. And thanks to the protective advances of Advanced Forward Detection System, you can always drive with peace of mind.

Jimny Model Variants